Soft Close Hinges Manufacturer

Quiet and effortless closing of cabinet doors is made easy with our soft close hinge featuring a built-in hydraulic mechanism. Sleek in design, they compliment cabinet doors in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom as well as office.

RMG, as a manufacturer founded in 1985, has extensive experience in producing soft close cabinet hinges combining styles, function, and durability for hardware brand owners, wholesalers, distributors, and furniture makers.

With specialized production workshops and a strict quality control system, we ensure that you always get soft close hinges of consistently high quality.

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Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Our soft close cabinet hinges come with various hydraulic mechanisms for different applications. Discover our wide variety of quality hinges that accommodate specific business needs & budgets.

Want Durable & Affordable Wardrobe Hinges For Your Business?

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